Worried About a Bank Run?

People worldwide are starting to really worry about a bank run where the depositors all run to the bank to withdraw their paper money before the bank collapses.  The US saw that in the 1930s and it prompted President Roosevelt … Continue reading

  • More of the same warfare/welfare/money printing path to destroying the dollar
  • Kneejerk reactions aside, what are the long-term implications of this election for people like us?  I’m not sure there any. We’re still on the same warfare/welfare/money printing path we’ve been on for the past decade. And there isn’t the faintest reason to believe that will change. Obama’s victory demonstrates that the majority is happy with the government’s irresponsible borrowing, printing and spending trillions of dollars. The election results solidify the thesis that the US government cannot and will not stop itself from destroying the dollar.  Our only refuge is gold and silver.